Leslie & Luis

​"You helped us out so much. Seriously you don't know how much I appreciate you for teaching us & helping us grow into parents. Focusing on what to expect with emotions & moods after baby & how to maintain positivity was so helpful."

[Doula Client- May 2017]

Christina H


" You are amazing! Honestly it was one of the best retreats because of this  component of the day."

[Yoga + Meditation Workshop Client]

Jackie M.

​"Kaleigh was heaven sent. She helped keep my partner and sisters calm during my labor, but most importantly reminded them to keep massaging me!"

[Doula Client- January 2017]

Melissa C.

"Kaleigh was most helpful during labor when I was in to much pain to advocate for myself. She was able to express my wishes & I was able to have the birth I planned."

[doula client- July 2017]

Amanda G.

"Thank you for all the work you have done & continue to do in this world. You are truly following your dreams & passion to positively impact the world & inspire me to go after mine"

[doula client- August 2017]

Lindsey L.


"I'm so grateful we found you! We will never forget your role in her birth, as I truly believe we could not have done it without your presence. You're an amazing woman, thank you for everything!"


[doula client - June 2018] 

Nadia O.

You offered an amazing "Healing Through Yoga & Meditation" workshop that I found to be so informative & helpful! I really enjoyed the experience.

[yoga workshop client- November 2018]


Stephanie L.

“As a 1st time mom with a plan for a natural childbirth, I prepared myself for labor. Kaleigh was there to guide me through those extra challenging moments... she gave me exactly what we needed, when I needed it. She also provided guidance after birth & would check in on Olivia & I. After 7 years, she's still the person I go to 1st when I need help parenting. Thanks again!" 


[Doula Client- 2010]

David M.

"She made us feel at ease and helped us stick to our birth plan when we were being persuaded otherwise. It was like having a family member in the room with us."

[Doula Client- 2010] 


Thank you so much for a fantastic yoga/meditation experience! You created a beautiful & safe space for our staff & it made for an excellent rest of the day!

    [Yoga + Meditation Workshop Client]

Emily M

"I am so thankful & grateful to have you in my life. Thank you so much for your knowledge & reassurance. You're a wonderful person with a great heart."

[doula client- July 2017]

Jared G.

"You were a tremendous help to us during this process. There has been an overwhelming amount of change in our lives & you've been a major part of helping us get through it. You will always be remembered for your contribution in bringing this blessing into our life." 


[doula client - June 2018] 

Foiana K.

"We feel blessed to have you as part of our birth team & now part of our family. Your calm, kind & welcoming presence resonates so clearly. I can't find enough words to express the gratitude I have in my heart. Being surrounded by empowering women who remind you that you are strong enough makes all the difference.

[doula client- January 2019]