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Doula Mentorship 

For folks looking to begin a career in birth work, or whom are interested in reclaiming the practice of supporting & sitting with community members experiencing pregnancy, loss &/or postpartum, I offer structured mentorship.


Our mentorship experience will be centered around inclusive and culturally affirming practices. The philosophy I operate from is rooted in advocacy & community oriented, trauma-informed care. 

I only accept 1-2 mentees per year & expect to work with each person for 6-12 months. All payments made towards mentorship are put into the Therapy/ Doula Scholarship Funds I offer.

Perinatal Therapist Mentorship

I have a passion for mentoring providers who desire to, or are currently working as mental health professional that want to serve the perinatal population.


Mentorship includes learning how to provide services responsibly & sustainably from a trauma informed lens, with an awareness for systemic influences that impact the perinatal population. 

I only accept 2-3 mentees per year & anticipate mentorship will last 6-12 months. 

Full Spectrum Birth Work

A full spectrum birth worker (also known as a doula) is trained to support folks through a variety of reproductive experiences. I am a trained death doula, labor & postpartum doula & loss doula. 

All people deserve safe, informed & empowering reproductive experiences. As your doula I support

your preferences & autonomy, creating an environment where you are respected & honored.

For 13 years I've served as a doula, many of those years attending 1-4 births per per month, 10

months out of the year. In 2017 I was named "Outstanding DTI Doula" by Doula Trainings International as one

of 8 selected doulas from all over the world. The nominees were chosen because "of the outstanding

commitment they show in advocating & providing inclusive, compassionate & intentional doula services".

Currently, I am only accepting repeat labor doula clients or clients on a case by case basis.


Preconception Consultations $100 per consult (1 hour)

If you are ready to begin growing your family, we will discuss during our consultation personalized recommendations,

resources & suggestions based on your specific medical & mental health experiences & needs.

Topics include: holistic supports, fertility treatments, understanding your options & rights as a pregnant person,

preparing yours & your partner's bodies for conception & LGBT family planning.


Postpartum Care 

$100/ 3 hour shift

$250 (8 hour) overnight shift 

As a postpartum doula I offer support through the first year postpartum. 

Death or End of Life Doula Support $50/ hour

Death doulas are hired by clients or family members when a terminal diagnosis is given and provide

emotional, psychological & spiritual support; before, during and after a death occurs.

Guest Speaking + Mindfulness Workshops


1 hour- $150

Virtual or in person 


Topics include, but are not limited to:

Birth Work

Maternal Child Health In the U.S.

Mental health

Mindfulness Practices

Perinatal mood & anxiety disorders

Reproductive Care 

Trauma Informed Care Implementation

Styles of Presentation

Q&A - Meditation - Workshops

Panel Discussions - Keynote Speaking


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