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Wellness is a necessity, not a luxury...

Heart & Sol Collective

Heart & Sol Collective

In 2017 I spoke into the universe I'd open, in collaboration with folks who inspire me, a wellness center. In 2020, alongside my friend & colleague, Rikki Jenkins, we opened Heart & Sol Collective. 


The Collective is an inclusive community led space by & for (BI)POC folks. Here we aim to nourish, grow & shine light within & upon our community. We celebrate, honor & embrace all cycles of life by supporting folks through these experiences via education, support groups, mental health services & workshops. We understand that life is a cyclical journey so we welcome the generational wisdom of our ancestors & the intuitive strength of each person we invite into our space. 


Decolonized Therapy 

Decolonized therapy is the intentional act of approaching, processing & moving towards healing from a systemic lens. When we cultivate an awareness for the way

colonization, capitalism (all the -isms really), state-sanctioned violence & systemic oppression have impacted our lives, our families & our communities, we can work to repair harm we have caused & experienced. 

For ourselves & within our communities.

For past generations & future ones.


It is how we begin to center & lean into our own rich familial, cultural & ancestral wisdom, experiences, knowledge, and strengths.


Other Services Offered

I have been fortunate to do all the things I've been passionate about over the past 15 years. Fortunately, my passions intersected with the needs of my communities. 

These services & roles include:

- Full Spectrum Birth Worker

- Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher

- Educator + Guest Speaker

- Mentorship Support

- Curriculum Developer

- Consulting & Coaching Services

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